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Jun 24 2011

First Look At Heidi Montag, Danielle Staub, And Jake Pavelka In "Famous Food", Three 6 Mafia music

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The first clip of the show has been released, and it focuses on Heidi (actually, so does the second). It leads me to ask many questions… With a cast filled with such culturally maligned characters, why, why, why have them start a restaurant? Couldn’t the concept here be so much grander? Really, Heidi refers to herself as a “pop culture phenomenon” and thinks she’s a “train wreck that hasn’t wrecked yet.” Oh honey, the accident happened years ago. Sorry. Jake really just can’t shake that “I’m way too good for this” look off his face anymore, can he? Why stop with a stripper pole in a restaurant? Maybe Ashley can manage some kind of happy endings booth? Why oh why is Danielle so into fusion concepts? Why didn’t these folks hold out for a more lucrative and audience-grabbing spin on “Dancing with the Stars” or “Celebrity Apprentice”? Their managers should be fired.The show premieres on July 10. Will you be watching? [Wet Paint] [Famous Foods]

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