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Jul 18 2011

'Famous Food' recap: It's Vincent Pastore vs Danielle Staub!

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It's always interesting to watch ex-Housewives in their different projects, so let's take a look at ex-Jersey Housewife Danielle Staub in "Famous Food." In episode 2, the celebs find an interior designer for their themed restaurant, the group is split into two teams, and Vinnie and Danielle battle as she struggles to keep control over the budget. It's Vincent Pastore vs Danielle Staub and Danielle is holding all of the money. Vinnie hired some guys to clean the kitchen. It's a mess and they can't afford to re-do it and so he hired three guys to clean it up at $300 a day and he needs to pay them. Danielle doesn't wanna do it and Vinnie yells at her which she can't stand. Danielle can't take it, grabs her stuff and walks out and calls her agent. She cries and tells him that she left The Real Housewives of New Jersey for this very reason. She says she gets attacked every time she expresses her opinion. Let her go back to desperate whatever! yells Vinnie! Jake talks to Danielle after her dispute with Vinnie. She tells him she's not leaving the show -- she's not gonna let Vinnie run her off! Danielle is recapping "Famous Food" for Hollywood Life and in last week's blog she wrote a little bit about her feelings regarding Vinnie: First of all Vinnie, I was on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, not The Desperate Housewives. It’s not that I think Vinnie can’t open a restaurant. I know he can’t. He bases all of his knowledge on “clubs” that he opened in the ’70s and ’80s in New Rochelle, New York. We are opening a restaurant in 2011 on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. Two very different things! Vinnie should be careful where he points fingers and take a look at himself in the mirror first. Ashley Dupree says Danielle is starting to make some enemies and they really all need to come together for the sake of the project. In a bonus clip (posted on the left) Danielle trashes Heidi Montag and Ashley Dupre. The VH1 Blog spoke to Danielle about Ashley Dupre and asked if she was the person she clashed with most on the show: Yes, and I think that people will see why, because she said something horrific that she never really apologized for. And once you do that to me…It’s five years later with my ex-cast I’m still thinking you need to say you’re sorry when you’ve done something wrong. Ashley needs to say “I’m sorry” because she started this whole thing. Danielle also says that she had no idea who Ashley Dupre was when they first met and that she was placed on the show just to piss her off. Didn’t know who she was! To be honest with you, it took me a few minutes, and then when Three 6 Mafia was whispering it in my ears, it was like “Oh, the hooker.” I’m thinking it would be seven celebrities, not six celebrities and a call girl. I became famous on television, everyone else became famous from being on TV or in the business, she’s not really a part of this…Well now she is, but she didn’t become famous for that. So when I’m thinking I’m being cast with celebrities I’m thinking “What have I seen her on?” and when they told me I was like nice, she’s just here to piss me off. That’s what it was, she was just there to piss me off. In more budget issues, the team deals with their tight budget and vision with the interior designer. How much can they afford to pay him and can they save money by doing some of the work themselves, like painting the walls?  The designer doesn’t work that way... Danielle's holding the checkbook and she is in control of the money and finally, reluctantly she writes a check. In her Hollywood Life blog she addresses this by saying that she had her own designer that would’ve been free labor and they would have only had to pay for materials, but she got out voted and so she wrote the check. The team show Lonnie Moore and Mike Malin their concept board, which impresses them; although, they are a little worried about the amount of money spent on design.  The team will have to keep a very close eye on their budget.  In this week's Hollywood Life blog  Danielle addresses this week's episode, calls Heidi Montage a snake, talks about Ashley's "hate fest" against her and clarifies a few things. She also says to tune in next week as "Ashley’s true colors will start to show through. Heidi will fall apart and begin her spiral. Vinnie will start to step down realizing he has to stop bullying Jake will start to step up. And Three 6 Mafia and I will have a voice together."  "Famous Food" stars Ashley Dupre, Danielle Staub, Heidi Montag, Three 6 Mafia, Vincent Pastore and Jake Pavelka. Watch the best moments from episode 2 of "Famous Food".

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