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This article is part of 2005 Week on Noisey, where we revist all the best and worst pop culture relics from a decade ago.

In terms of style, 2005 was the best of times and boy, was it the worst of times. Personally, I was spending all my money on vintage—back when vintage was actually cheap. I was wearing a lot of dresses and sporting that over-straightened, asymmetric haircut (mullet) a lot of us were apparently digging a decade ago. In fact, you can see what I looked like in 2005 here. For the record, that is not my cuddly white tiger and I did not write...

2 Today

DJ Paul was a founding member of Three 6 Mafia and continued with the group when it became Da Mafia 6ix sans Juicy J.

DJ Paul announced last year that Gangsta Boo left Da Mafia 6ix.

In a recent interview with AllHipHop, he addresses the question of a Three 6 Mafia reunion with all the original members.

"It would be hard to do," he says. "It would be real hard to do, but you can’t have it all."

He says that at this point in time, the members have each developed their own identity and part of the difficulty would be finding...

37 About 12 hours ago

Lucki Eck$’s X project is still in heavy rotation for me. I have a soft spot for the druggy raps, and Lucki wastes no time in coming back with some more of them. Over the weekend, Lucki came out with a video for a new joint, “Free Wave,” featuring one of the most important Three 6 Mafia samples of my youth. Video directed by Antoinne Bryant. Under that, get another quick joint he released, another ‘free wave,’ “Back Home.” Hopefully this is a start of a new series for Lucki.

32 About 16 hours ago

Three 6 Mafia asking you to put the money in their hands / Screenshot via YouTube

This article is part of 2005 Week on Noisey, where we revist all the best and worst pop culture relics from a decade ago.

It was 2005, and the archetypal douchebag was flying high. Preppy style was seeing a boom. “Preppy is back,” a summer 2004 AP article proclaimed, noting that retailers like J. Crew, American Eagle, and Abercrombie & Fitch were incorporating more classic prep designs and polos into their collections.  In particular, Abercrombie & Fitch, bouncing back from a $40 million class...

3 About 20 hours ago

Torii MacAdams is back in L.A. but his mind is in Lockhart

The Game ft. Kendrick Lamar – “On Me”

Why can’t Kendrick Lamar stop making semi-religious references? Why is he so focused on his own purity? Why does he keep rapping like he’s Pharoahe Monch? Is he the least fun great rapper? What happened? In the past year, Lamar has made overwrought and narratively sloppy music unbecoming of his immense talent, and worse, it seems he’s permanently adopted this messy, obfuscated style. Even worse than that, the indulgence and pretensions of Lamar’s recent work have affected the music of other...

17 4 days ago

These are his words:

Halloween is almost here, with that in mind your upcoming release Master of Evil, drops the day before on October 30. What should the day-one supporter expect from that project?

Since they [my fans] have been asking me to do that I took it back to a little more old school. It’s not all the way old school, but this album is all the dark sounds. Even the songs that ain’t darks songs that might be about a girl – or something else – it still got dark elements in the music. That’s one thing that I made sure that I...

3 5 days ago

When a new Pimp C mix comes from one of the South’s last true DJs, you know it’s goin’ down. At nearly 40 songs deep, DJ Wally Sparks’ new Smoke Sumthin: A $weet Jone$ Mix highlights every era of the fallen UGK legend, offering a knocking one track that spans nearly two decades. The project is cosigned by Julia Beverly, who recently wrote and released $weet Jones, Pimp C’s Trill Life Story, and meant to serve as a companion piece to the biography.

Roll up something substantial and turn this pack full of classics into inspiration to keep it 100 from here...

1 About 1 month ago

URL: Megamix by: Tiesto
Year: 2014


1 Red Carpet – Alright (James Doman Bootleg) Whitelabel 2 Dubfire – Roadkill SCI+TEC 3 Chris Lake ft. Emma Hewitt – Carry Me Away (Original Club Mix) Rising Music 4 Marc Marzenit – Trozitos de Navidad Paradigma Musik 5 Freaks – The Creeps (Vandalism Unreleased Mix) Data Records 6 Wamdue Project – King Of My Castle (Sander van Doorn Mix) Whitelabel 7 Tiësto ft. JES – Everything Magik Muzik 8 Jonas Steur – Fall To Pieces Black...

2 About 1 month ago

Glasgow's clubs are home to a multitude of sounds; from techno to grime, house to hip hop, there’s a night to cater for almost everyone. This Friday, Glasgow’s Southern rap crew will definitely be on one as local producer, Inkke, invites DJ Halloween and The Blessings to throw down at the Art School on a night dedicated to low-slung beats, rumbling sub-bass and pitched down vocals.

As a reaction to East and West Coast rap, the Southern sound (rooted in cities like Memphis, Houston and Atlanta), peaked in the early to mid...

41 About 1 month ago


Oktoberfest is in stores, so some Halloween-y, horrorcore-inspired hip hop from Buffalo’s Mic Excel and L-Biz couldn’t be more welcomed.

Though not quite horrorcore in the vein of artists like Gravediggaz and Three 6 Mafia, “What’s Under Your Bed?” is certainly on the creepier spectrum of rap music. On the track, Mic Excel delivers an emotionally manic verse, and L-Biz follows it up by discussing his demons as well. Framing the verses is a crooning hook from Angelica R, who begs the question of the track’s title.

The track, produced by Angie M. Conte (aka Sparklebomb), includes funeral organs and...

38 About 1 month ago

Lucki goes in over a sample of Three 6 Mafia’s “Slob On My Knob” for his new “Free Wave Freestyle”, produced by Big Shep.

Hit the jump for a Soundcloud stream of this and his other new joint “Back Home.”

Previously: Lucki Eck$ – Lowlife (Video)

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2 About 2 months ago

DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia teams with Chicago rapper Brewski in this new visual for the “Superman RMX”, which also features lyrcist Brody Price. The original version of this Louis Lando-produced track appears on Brewski’s The Confidence LP, which is available now on all digital outlets.

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